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Awake and Alive Extra Virgin Olive Oil + Rapture Balsamic Vinegar and Parasol Champagne Vinegar

Meet The Essential Capsule

The Essential Capsule marries our bestselling extra virgin olive oils and fruit-forward vinegars, all sourced from nutrient dense farms and lovingly made in California.
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Living in a golden state

Brightland extra virgin olive oils and vinegars are consciously made in California, and contain nothing more than fruit, love and sunshine. Welcome to the golden state.

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  • “Like nothing we've eaten before—it's fresh, it's got flavor, and it's making us question what we've been buying at the grocery store all these years.”
    Shelley, Verified Buyer
    The Luminous Capsule
  • “You spoiled me - Once I tasted how real olive oil is supposed to taste, I will NEVER be able to go back to store bought again!”
    Melinda, Verified Buyer
    The Duo
  • “The flavored olive oils are simply outstanding. Lemon and chili were my favorite until I tried the basil in a homemade soup — it took it to a new level.”
    MC, Verified Buyer
    The Artist Capsule
  • “Olive oils of exceptional high quality, and the honey, well, I have never had honey nearly as good, bursting with delicious flavor.”
    Marc, Verified Buyer
    The Luminous Capsule
  • “I picked up both vinegars and thought I had gone to heaven. Never have I had a vinegar that was so smooth that I could use on salad without oil.”
    Terri, Verified Buyer
    The Pair
  • “I work as a chef and have tried many olive oils. Brightland is my top choice! It's crisp, bright and rich in flavor. Fabulous!”
    Cheryl, Verified Buyer
    The Duo

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