11 Coffee Table Books we Love

11 Coffee Table Books we Love

Is there anything better than curling up on the couch and flipping through a gorgeous new coffee table book? Here at Brightland HQ, coffee table books are treasured and much discussed. From niche cookbooks to design collections, here is a round up of our favorites at the moment. 



1. Ottolenghi’s Simple:



Brightland HQ rejoiced when Simple came out. We’ve always loved his cozy flavorful dishes, but a whole book of simple meals is exactly what we were craving.


2. A Woman’s Drink: Bold Recipes for Bold Women:



Our new go-to for interesting post-dinner drinks; it is only missing the Brightland Martini.


3. Bread and Butter:



An ode to the beauty of simplicity. We adore this gorgeous and informative treasure of a book.


4. Eat at the Bar:



This gorgeous book inspired us not only with it’s intriguing recipes but its vibrant photographs of the author’s travels. 


5. The National Parks: America’s Best Idea:



A stunning reminder of our natural world, and why we should do everything we can to be an environmentally friendly brand.


6. How to Set a Table:



A lovely read for any host, this is one of our  favorite guides. 


7. California Crazy: 



American Pop Architecture: An ode to the perfectly gaudy California architecture of the 20’s and 30’s. Golden State nostalgia at its best. 



8. Dior:



This 3 volume retrospective is a stunning collection of images from one of the most classic brands. 


9. La Grotta: Ice Creams and Sorbets:



With bold photos and flavors to match (2 scoops of Leafy Black Currant Custard please), this delightful treat is summertime captured in a book. 


10. An Atlas of Rare and Familiar Colour:



A peek into Harvard Museum director Edward Forbes’s pigment collection is an opulent celebration of color, texture, and art. 


11. Central Park: Original Designs for New York’s Greatest Treasure:



The birthplace of the idea for Brightland, we just had to pay homage to New York City.