Brightland's Top 5 Kitchen Trends and Predictions for 2020

It’s with a sense of amazement and a desire for a respite, some time with the ones we call family that we close out 2019. And with the end of a year invariably comes the excitement and anticipation of a fresh new year, like the unopened pages of a book you’ve been eagerly awaiting.

Looking to 2020, I imagine what the next decade will look like, at Brightland, in the home I share with my husband and two dogs, and in the place that represents that center of it all -- the kitchen. It’s delightful, when I imagine the possibilities, and hope, with bated breath, for health and joy for all.

As you envision your 2020, we’re asking - what are your predictions for kitchen trends? Share with us at @wearebrightland on Instagram - we’ll keep adding them to our list ;)

Splashes of color incorporated into kitchen design
With a brand new decade upon us - the roaring 2020s - we find ourselves gravitating towards optimistic and bright colors to echo our enthusiasm. Look for: pops of color in unexpected places - from your baking sheets to cabinet knobs. Express yourself! Have fun with it. We guarantee you’ll end up wanting to spend more time at home, energized by the colorful selects you choose to love.

The Kitchen Shelfie will be more important than ever, serving as a place to display and delight
Originating in our beauty cabinets, the #shelfie has moved into other spaces of our sanctuaries - from the kitchen to bookshelves and entryways. We believe the kitchen shelfie will continue to represent a space to spark visual intrigue, showcase your favorite cookbooks, pantry products, and candles, inviting your guests into easy conversation and allow for you to express your unique identity as master of your domain / a home chef.

Cutting boards will double as gathering/grazing boards more than ever before.
You know our love for a charcuterie board reigns supreme, and we hope to see this trend continue in 2020. Invest in beautiful cutting boards - like this one from our friends at Material Kitchen - that double as chic serving platters to guests of at any gathering - big or small, casual or formal.

The refrigerator will become more of a canvas
A counterpoint to the modern minimalism that defined recent years, we envision the refrigerator becoming a canvas for artful expression - from mementos, to magnets, photo prints, and other tactile minutia - we’re itching to go back to our childhood roots where a spot on the refrigerator was a coveted piece of inventory in the home.

Mindfulness in pantry essentials and importance of fresh ingredients, like olive oil
ith this important issue recently receiving more media attention, from The New York Times to the Wall Street Journal, we are encouraged to see a collective movement towards mindfulness in pantry essentials. As pioneers and staunch supporters of clean oil and essentials, this one fills us with particular elan. You tell us - as we consider new products in 2020, what would you like to see coming from the Brightland touch?