3 Enemies of Olive Oil

3 Enemies of Olive Oil

Like any fresh, natural food, olive oil goes bad over time. However, there are 3 factors that can make it go bad at a quicker rate, and those are air, heat, and light. Read on to learn how to keep your Brightland as fresh and tasty. 


Enemy #1: Air

When olive oil is exposed to air, it is subject to oxidization. Keeping olive oil in an open, or even loosely sealed bottle will accelerate the process of oxidization and make it go rancid more quickly. Avoid this process by making sure your cork is on nice and tight after every use.



Enemy #2: Heat

Heat is another factor that will make olive oil oxidize at a faster rate. We often keep our olive oil bottles on the counter next to the stove for easy access (or on the window sill because Brightland's bottle looks so good there!), but storing olive oil in a cool area like the pantry will keep it tasting fresher much longer. 


Even though Brightland's bottles are powder-coated to protect from light and heat, they should still be stored in a cool place for optimum freshness and taste! 


Enemy #3: Light

We all love a light, airy kitchen, but unfortunately that environment is not so friendly to olive oil. Light exposure speeds up the degradation of olive oil and reduces the flavor as well. We recommend storing your bottle in a dark pantry as soon as that brunch is over! 


Brightland's shelf life is 6 months, if stored properly, but according to the UC Davis Olive Center, "To enjoy extra virgin olive oil at its best, buy in a container size that can be finished in about six weeks or so." So drink up! 




Photo Credit: Goop