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A Guide to Setting the Perfect Outdoor Table

A Guide to Setting the Perfect Outdoor Table

An outside table is the perfect blank slate for inspired design. We have listed 4 of our top secrets to an elevated outdoor dining look below. 




Hudson Wilder: Gorgeous flatware and glassware. We are enamored with the Apsel Abalone Black flatware set. 



Candles: One of the most magical aspects of an outdoor dinner is the natural light. However, if the party goes on after sunset (as it often does), a light source becomes important. Keep the natural and cozy vibe alive with multiple candles, as opposed to outdoor lights. California-Inspired Iye Candle by Morrow and Shell Candle by Cope are two of our favorites.



Indoor Touches: We always benefit from bringing some of the outside in, why not bring some of the inside out? Taking picture frames off of the mantle and placing them on the table, or using a rich, brocade tablecloth adds an original touch of sophistication usually kept indoors.



Brightland: Always have both on hand to add a touch of color to the table and a drizzle of the golden state to your plate. And why not incorporate a luscious crudite platter, like this one from Brightland friend + Buzzfeed editor Alexis Deboschnek? Perfection all around





Photo Credit: Morrow Soft Goods