Break out of Your Baking Rut

You've done the banana bread. You've done the sourdough. Welcome to the next frontier.

It's safe to say the whole world has engaged in a collective bake-off. Whether you're a novice or seasoned expert, let this be an opportunity to expand your baking repertoire. We've curated some of our favorite baking recipes outside the norm.

Earl Grey Olive Oil Poundcake from Food 52

The magic ingredient in this recipe? ALIVE olive oil. It's tricky to steep tea in water and produce the right sweetness. Recipe author Ellie Betzen discovered the perfect workaround — steep in olive oil instead.

Campari Olive Oil Cake from The New York Times

An unlikely and delicious combination: bittersweet Campari and olive oil. The tangy citrus-y flavor pairs perfectly with ALIVE olive oil. For an added citrus boost, try it with LUCID lemon oil.

Fig and Hazelnut Bread from The New York Times

We love a good crunch in our baked goods, so we love that this recipe incorporates hazelnuts. The fig provides a fresh fruit alternative to banana, with a slight berry tartness.

Olive Oil Sugar Cookies with Pistachios and Lemon Glaze from Food52

These are as beautiful as they are delicious. Sugar cookies are great for quarantine cooking, as they require fewer ingredients. As with the Campari Olive Oil Cake, you can experiment with LUCID lemon oil rather than regular olive oil for added zest.