Clean Olive Oil: Everything You Need to Know

Clean Olive Oil: Everything You Need to Know

We know that truly taking care of your health starts from the inside — what you put into your body matters. In our pursuit of wellness, we wanted to go deeper than the superficial — to look at the things we consume everyday, and elevate them to their purest, most natural and health-forward state. That’s where the concept of clean olive oil comes from, for us. 



What is clean olive oil and why does it matter?

The UC Davis Olive Center (recognized as “the gold standard for olive research”), reports that nearly 70% of olive oil samples fail to meet minimum sensory standards for extra-virgin olive oil, and had defects ranging from rancidity to adulteration with cheaper refined oils. This means that most of the olive oils that we stock in our pantries and trust to nourish our bodies is rancid, overprocessed, or artificial produced with fillers and preservatives, or blended with​ inferior quality vegetable oils​ like soybean oil, sunflower oil, palm oil or canola oil. Rather than reaping the health benefits from fresh, antioxidant-rich olive oil, we’ve been unknowingly putting low quality, processed ingredients into our bodies in our daily diet.  

That’s why we’re committed to empowering consumers with clean, extra virgin olive oil.

Beloved for its versatility and heart health, gut health, and inflammation-healing properties, extra virgin olive oil has become a staple for at-home chefs and professional cooks in vibrant and healthful cuisines ranging from Mediterranean to Italian and new American, from cooking, to baking, and dressings or sauce preparations. (Note that other olive oils virgin, refined, pomace, and lampante are considered inferior from both a health and quality perspective. To add to the confusion, you’ll often see terms on labels,​ like light, pure, refined, virgin, or first cold-press. These terms are meaningless marketing tactics to manipulate consumers into thinking they’re purchasing healthy product. You can read more about these varietals in our Field Notes exploration on the topic here.)  

Is olive oil healthy?

Cleanly produced, extra virgin olive oil is a superfood! That’s why we love it. Naturally comprised of antioxidants that promote energy, encourage heart health, and fight inflammation, extra virgin olive oil is classified as a healthy fat with zero carbs or sugars. Healthy fats like olive oil confer positive effects on gut health, can lower blood pressure, and reduce bad cholesterol, making it a nutritious, thoughtful, and versatile pantry staple. Important to note —  key to delivering the health benefits of olive oil is its freshness.

There are strict requirements around how olive oil is made in order to be certified as an extra virgin oil: olives must be fresh when pressed, extracted by non-chemical means, low in fatty acid, and without defects. For optimal quality, it’s important to bottle the oil quickly after being pressed, and stored in a bottle that prevents light and oxygen from entering—which can cause the oil to start to degrade. Though fresh olive oil is best, unfortunately most producers aren’t required to put a harvest date on the label. This leads to ambiguity around the harvest date, which can impact the taste, flavor, and nutritional quality of the oil you’re consuming.



What oils are best?

When looking for a clean olive oil, here are a few important things to consider:

  • Harvest date (different than a “Best By” date, clean oil producers will often note the date and year the olives in the oil you’re purchasing was harvested)  
  • UV-protected glass bottles to ensure quality and freshness for consumers
  • Avoid terms like light, pure, refined, virgin, first cold-press none of these ensure that the oil you’re consuming is truly healthy

Where can I buy clean olive oil?

At Brightland, we’re committed to elevating the everyday and your everyday pantry essentials with consciously crafted, clean oils made with nothing more than olives, love, and sunshine. Our olives are hand-picked, milled, and bottled in UV-coated glass on site on a family-run farm operation, so that they arrive to your doorstep bursting with goodness, ready to drizzle and delight! We also offer a customized and flexible subscription, absolutely free so you can experience living in a golden state every day! Explore our clean olive oils now and learn about our exclusive subscription.

To health, transparency, joy, and wellness!

- Brightland