Clean Olive Oil: Everything You Need to Know

We know that truly taking care of your health starts from the inside — what you put into your body matters. In our pursuit of wellness, we wanted to go deeper than the superficial — to look at the things we consume everyday, and elevate them to their purest, most natural and health-forward state. That’s where the concept of clean olive oil comes from, for us.

What is clean olive oil and why does it matter?

The UC Davis Olive Center (recognized as “the gold standard for olive research”), reports that nearly 70% of olive oil samples fail to meet minimum sensory standards for extra-virgin olive oil, and had defects ranging from rancidity to adulteration with cheaper refined oils. This means that most of the olive oils that we stock in our pantries and trust to nourish our bodies is rancid, overprocessed, or artificial produced with fillers and preservatives, or blended with