The Art of Upcycling: Giving your Brightland Bottle a New Life

Recycling is a crucial practice for sustainability, which was top of mind for us when we crafted our Brightland bottles. We sought to create packaging that could love our environment back -- that was virtually pollution-free. We discovered a unique powder coating process that doesn't use solvents or release organic compounds into the atmosphere so that you can recycle our bottles with certainty - no environmental damage here.

While our bottles are recyclable, we intended to go a step further. Inspired by the practice of upcycling, we delighted in the idea of crafting packaging that would extend the life of our product and can be integrated thoughtfully -- and artfully -- in the homes of our customers.

*Upcycling, for the unanointed, refers to the process of breathing new life into a once used and loved object. It’s a marvelous concept, and one that our friends at FLOOM

Brightland subscriber @maryozburn upcycled her bottle into a vase for stunning California wildflowers. How do you upcycle your Brightland bottle? Tag @wearebrightland and #livinginagoldenstate so we can share and celebrate the art of reuse.