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For Body, Heart, and Soul: 5 Fantastic Advantages of Brightland for the gut

For Body, Heart, and Soul: 5 Fantastic Advantages of Brightland for the gut

The Brightland team has gathered a collection of research around a number of surprising benefits of extra virgin olive oil and we are thrilled to share more in the last edition of our series, For Body, Heart and Soul.
Last but not least, we are featuring the GUT: 

1. Extra virgin olive oil in the diet is linked to increased intestinal immunity, decreased inflammation, bolstering the defenses of the intestinal lining, and overall stimulation of the immune system. 

2. Extra virgin olive oil encourages the production of peptides, which support healthy digestion and aid in nutrient absorption. Regular consumption of olive oil will keep the gut working efficiently 

3. A 2015 study found that a diet rich in extra virgin olive oil increases the bifidobacteria (one of the major genera of bacteria that make up the colon flora) count in test subjects, which is linked with reduced cholesterol in the blood. 

4. The large and small intestines are essential for digesting food and getting the nutrients throughout the body. Eating olive oil in place of less healthy oils can improve the efficiency of the intestines. 

5. Extra virgin olive oil also encourages the intestines to absorb more of the vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat, which makes it beneficial for individuals suffering from digestive disorders.