Gwyneth x Brightland

Gwyneth x Brightland

Gwyneth Paltrow and Sweetgreen founder, Nicholas Jammet, among a bounty of fresh vegetables and herbs, each make their perfect salad. Their olive oil of choice? None other than Brightland’s ALIVE.

We already knew Gwyneth and Nicholas were salad connoisseurs, but now we’re even more certain. They even selected the right Brightland olive oil. ALIVE is our oil best suited for greens and salads. Bravo!

Nicholas shares an excellent pro tip: good salads are all about balance. Think about texture, flavor, and even color. You can balance something sweet with something acidic. Balance spicy with neutral. Oh, and always add crunch.

And now for the finishing touch...

Voila! Ready to plate, and it's a tasty looking salad if we do say so ourselves. Pick up your own bottle of ALIVE here.