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Love List | Spring 2020 Edition

Has there ever been a more “staying in” time than the present? Here at Brightland, we relish our time at home. And we’ll take any opportunity to soak up the great indoors. Our Spring 2020 Love List is all about just that — home. Here are all the things we’re loving as we make the most of this “extra” time indoors.

Caraway Home

Brand new and thoughtfully-designed cookware from our friends here in Los Angeles. We love their commitment to healthy, non-toxic cookware, and their organization solutions are a major space-saver in our kitchen.

Little Puzzle Thing by Areaware
Bite-sized (pun intended!) food puzzles you can do in twenty minutes.

Sleeping With David Baddiel
Sleep: is there anything more important to our health? And yet, somehow, it eludes many of us. Sleep expert and former insomniac David Baddiel has a new podcast dedicated entirely to sleep — so you can understand it and hopefully get more of it.

The No Make-Up Dinner Party
Gwyneth Paltrow had a fun idea for a dinner party: no make-up. It’s a time-saver and emotional weight-lifter. Gather your friends, roast up some veggies with ALIVE, and bask in a make-up free evening.

The Light Phone
We’re very passionate about reducing our screen time. The Light Phone is a brilliant way to achieve that. It’s a pared down smartphone with capability for just the essentials: phone, music, alarm, calendar, and calculator. Because really, what more do we actually need?

Very Ralph
A gorgeous new documentary on the life of the inimitable Ralph Lauren. It delivers perfect escapism, as it washes over your screen with stunning images of old Americana.