3 Myths About Olive Oil

We have compiled a list of common misconceptions about olive oil, read on for some possibly surprising information.

Myth #1: Olive Oil ages like wine

There are many similarities between olive oil and wine. They're both rich in antioxidants, staples of the Mediterranean diet, and they pair well together too (is there anything better than an olive oil pasta with a big glass of red?). Despite these similarities, they are actually quite different in terms of aging. While wine gets better with time, olive oil does not. Olive oil is best when it is first harvested, and stays fresh for 6 months after opening if it is stored correctly.

Myth #2: You Can't Cook with Olive Oil

You've heard it before. There is a common misconception that olive oil does not have a smoke point high enough for cooking and frying. However, high quality extra virgin olive oils can have a smoke point up to 420 degrees. All of Brightland's oils have a smoke point of 410 degrees, so go ahead and fry some eggs in ALIVE!

Myth #3: Low-fat Olive Oil

Olive oil is 100% fat by nature. Any olive oil that claims to be "low-fat" or "light" is not pure extra virgin olive oil. These oils could be laced with canola oil, sunflower seed oil, or extra processed.