5 Simple, Soothing Kitchen Projects

Small projects in the kitchen you finally have time for.

As summer progresses, we are all settling into our “new normal” of life at home. With more time on our hands, we on Team Brightland are choosing to focus on simple, yet slower projects in the kitchen. These fun recipes come together easily, yet take a bit more time to complete. However, the results will be sure to brighten your fare at home.

1. Candied orange peels by Laila Gohar

"As a kid I didn’t like candied orange. I guess it’s one of those things, like coffee or anchovies, that you learn to appreciate with age.” - Laila Gohar

This no-waste recipe makes for a delicious, noteworthy treat. Eat the candied orange peels just as they are, or dip in chocolate. The leftover syrup is great to use, too.

Get the candied orange peel recipe.

2. Preserved lemons by Julia Sherman

"I always have a huge jar of preserved lemons on the shelf (they don't need to be refrigerated and they NEVER go bad). Also a lovely gift." - Julia Sherman

You’ve always wanted to preserve your own lemons. Now you have no excuse to put it off, as photographer, writer and cook Julia Sherman has created a how-to in her Instagram stories. Serve them with your cheese board, salad dressings, marinades, or slice and toss the peel into salads or soups.

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3. Quick-pickled red onions by The Kitchn

"If you were to peek into my refrigerator any day of the week, any season of the year, you would surely find a jar of pickled red onions. This bright, jewel-toned condiment offers a zesty tang to countless dishes and adds a lovely splash of color as well." - Dana Velden

Pickled red onions are a great way to repurpose leftover raw onion and jazz up the flavor of practically any dish. They take approximately 10 minutes to assemble, and last for weeks in the fridge. Try pickling your onions with Brightland's PARASOL, and enjoy on salads, sandwiches, eggs and more.

Get the quick-pickled red onion recipe.

4. Sprouting scallions

"I just knew that it’s a thing you can do: you cut off a certain amount, you put it in water, the roots will pop out in a couple of days, and you can regrow them.” - Kat Thompson

Regrowing your scallions is a free way to make more scallions when trips to the grocery store are less frequent. You can also think of it as a new houseplant!

Get the sprouting scallions recipe.

5. Tomato Confit by SAVEUR Editors

""In this preservation method borrow from the French, tomatoes are slow-cooked with olive oil, garlic, and herbs into a luxuriously rich condiment." - Anna Kovel

Basic tomatoes are transformed into a luxury item when slow-cooked with garlic, thyme, bay leaves and plenty of olive oil. The versatile tomato confit is delightful spooned over a ricotta crostini, paired with grains or beans in a salad, or layered onto side dishes. Try it out for yourself and hold onto summer a little longer.

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