The Ideal Treat for Every Type of Cozy Night In

Whether it is a movie, book, or face mask on the agenda, we at Brightland HQ are always excited for a night curled on the couch. We also strongly believe that a night in is not complete without a little treat of some sort. In the spirit of nourishing the body, heart, and soul, we give you the perfect indulgence for every kind of cozy evening at home you are craving.

Spa Nights = Martini Nights

Does anything sound better than a bubble bath and a cocktail? Pair this refreshing martini with a soothing soak (and perhaps some dry brushing for an extra treat)

Movie Nights are Made for Indulgent Pizza

An evening on the couch with a cozy blanket and long list of documentaries is made even more special with a decadent pizza. This recipe from Laney Crowell has the most marvelous ingredients (2 kinds of mushrooms, honey, and Brightland)

Reading Nights Call for Something Cozy

Something about breakfast food for dinner will forever be a treat. Packed with maple syrup and fruit, this comforting waffle recipe pairs wonderfully with a night of reading (might we suggest the new Sally Rooney novel, we could not put it down).


Photo Credit: Amber Interiors, Ashlae W of @ohladycakes