What makes Brightland olive oil so good?

Our extra virgin olive oils are fresher, healthier, and more sustainable than what you'll find at most grocery stores—and more delicious, too.

New to Brightland? Start with The Duo of our best selling varietals.

Designed for freshness

We only sell oil from the most recent harvest. Each bottle is labeled with its Harvest Date, and coated to protect the antioxidant-rich oil inside from light damage.

Hand-harvested olives

Our small-scale California farms hand-pick their olives and remove damaged fruit before pressing. This prevents rancidity and oxidation in our oils. Handpicking is also a sustainable farming practice that preserves the trees' long term health.

Up to 5x the antioxidants

The polyphenol count in olive oil is highest at the time of harvest. Handpicked, undamaged olives and minimal travel time mean Brightland extra virgin olive oils have a polyphenol count of 650-750 mg/kg (vs. conventional oils' 100-150 mg/kg).

Meet The Duo, two varietals selected for bold and versatile flavors.
Perfectly paired to elevate anything your kitchen dishes out.

Sky-high smoke point

At its freshest, extra virgin olive oil is low in free fatty acids, giving it a natural smoke point of over 400F. Undamaged olives, minimal travel time, and climate-controlled storage keeps Brightland's free fatty acids low and smoke point at 410F. Stir-fry, roast, and sear without fear.

No transatlantic journeys

Unlike imported olive oils with weekslong overseas journey before they even reach a wholesaler, our oils are pressed hours from our warehouse, where they're shipped fresh to your door.

Heirloom olive varietals

Our olives are selected for flavor, not size. This year's oil comes from Coratina olives, which are packed with an extra-high antioxidant content, and have a grassy, peppery flavor unlike any other.

Upgrade your pantry and indulge in every last bite.

Sustainable materials

From recyclable glass to plastic-free shipping, we strive for sustainable, functional, yet still gift-ready packaging.

Locally made

We strive to work with US partners for every link in our supply chain, including using US-made glass bottles and partnering locally to support California's farms and small businesses.

Only what nature intended

Our farms are free of herbicides and pesticides that harm the health of workers and our planet, and our oils and vinegars have absolutely no fillers or artificial preservatives.

Our process makes a difference our customers can taste.

For even more flavor

The same extra virgin olive oil as our classics, lovingly blended with our favorite flavors for an even fresher experience.


blended with garlic


blended with red chilis, jalapenos, chipotles & paprika


blended with lemon


blended with basil

Upgrade your pantry

Fresher, healthier ingredients means savoring even the simplest dishes down to the very last bite.