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Our kitchen candle keeps you living in a golden state long after the table is cleared. Made with Brightland olive oil, California soy, and notes of neroli, vetiver and black pepper, and designed to burn during or after cooking. We like to think of it as a digestif for your kitchen.

DIGESTIF is made with Brightland olive oil to extend its lifespan and improve its scent throw. Brightland olive oil protects the fragrant essential oils from heat damage, keeps them from burning off right away, and adds its own herbaceous goodness to the candle's scent.

Lovingly hand-poured by Flores Lane in Los Angeles and made with recycled glass.

Vegan, paraben & phthalate free.

Size/Oz: 8 oz

Burn Time: 40 Hours

In stock and ready to ship.

"I got the chance to try Brightland's DIGESTIF out and it’s unlike any candle I have smelled before." - Apartment Therapy

"Incorporating olive oil into the formula does a lot to improve the life of the candle and the throw of the scent. Not to mention, it smells absolutely divine!" - The Kitchn

"Brightland's DIGESTIF candle gives off a relaxing, warm, and herbaceous scent with hints of bright citrus and grassy olive." - Food & Wine

Top: Neroli and orange blossom
Middle: Black pepper and pink pepper
Base: Brightland olive oil and vetiver

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