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The Essential Capsule

The Essential Capsule features Brightland's DUO (AWAKE and ALIVE oils) and the PAIR (RAPTURE and PARASOL vinegars). The Capsule is the perfect foursome of essentials to complement and round out the kitchen.

The DUO includes both AWAKE and ALIVE olive oils. AWAKE and ALIVE are both lovingly made in California with California olives, and The Pair includes both PARASOL and RAPTURE.

PARASOL is a raw champagne vinegar that is double fermented with California chardonnay grapes and juicy Navel and Valencia oranges. PARASOL is lovingly crafted on a nutrient-dense, family-run farm in California’s Central Coast.

RAPTURE is a raw balsamic vinegar that is double fermented with California zinfandel grapes and ripe Triple Crown blackberries. RAPTURE is lovingly crafted on a nutrient-dense, family-run farm in California’s Central Coast.

Olive Oil Harvest: November 2020.

“Brightland appears like a ray of sunshine compared to traditional olive oil brands.” - Fast Company

“The company is committed to sustainability and social consciousness. The organic grapes used for the vinegars are grown in Northern California, and both varieties are double-fermented and distilled on a family farm on the Central Coast.” - The New York Times

“Clearly, Brightland is a beautifully packaged olive oil. It's also a healthier, carefully made one that you'll taste the difference in and want to use for all types of appetizers, entrees, and desserts.” - Business Insider

PARASOL's bright citrusy notes bring a zippy bite and subtle effervescent quality to dressings, grilled produce and cocktails.

RAPTURE's bold, berry notes bring decadence to a dish and are best enjoyed drizzled over fresh fruits, cheeses, greens and desserts.

AWAKE's herbaceous notes make it perfect for soups, stews, pasta, baked potatoes, roast chicken and more.


Parasol Panzanella Salad with Burrata

Parasol Using: Parasol

Cinnamon Olive Oil Cake

Alive Using: Alive


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