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Made in partnership with the White Buffalo Land Trust, this naturally fermented vinegar is made from organic California persimmons and bursting with tart, juicy flavor.

Bold Juicy Bright Tart
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Product Details

Product Details

Ingredients: Organic Persimmons, filtered water.

FOLKLORE comes in a 200mL recyclable glass bottle.

Enjoy With

Dressings & marinades, noodles, quick pickles, wellness tonics, and warm elixirs.

Health Benefits

Brightland vinegar includes the mother, a naturally occurring enzyme packed with gut-healthy bacteria. With no added sugar, this delightfully tart vinegar enlivens body and spirit.

Farm Details

We are continually inspired by the White Buffalo Land Trust’s mission and dedication to expand regenerative agriculture, which involves principles and practices meant to rehabilitate the land and ecosystem. 

FOLKLORE is made with certified organic Fuyu and Hachiya persimmons, regeneratively grown on family farms on California’s Central Coast.

Nutritional Info

Allergen Information
Nut Allergies: To our knowledge, our partner farm's facility is a nut-free facility but we want to be completely transparent about the fact that the facility is not officially certified as nut-free.
Other Allergies: This product is 100% plant-based, vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free.
Nutrition Facts & Ingredients


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