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The Artist Capsule

The Artist Capsule features Brightland's LUCID lemon olive oil, ARDOR chili olive oil and ARISE basil olive oil together, and celebrates the merging of art and food, with category-changing artists who have designed each special label for three special blends.

ARISE, LUCID and ARDOR come in 375 ML/12.7 fl oz glass bottles that have been UV-coated to protect the olive oils from damaging light.

Harvest: November 2020.

About ARISE's label: The designer Peter Som and Brightland have collaborated on a special, limited edition artist label. Peter Som is an award-winning designer whose clothing has been worn by such notable women as Michelle Obama, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Beyonce and Scarlett Johannson. Peter is also widely known for his love of entertaining and food with his recipes featured in Vogue, Elle, Bon Appetit, and Food & Wine. Peter lives in New York City where he can often be found in the kitchen covered in flour.

About ARDOR's label: The artist Marleigh Culver and Brightland have collaborated on a special, limited edition artist label. Marleigh Culver is a Brooklyn-based painter. Previously, she worked with Gap Inc. in New York, New York and Need Supply Co. in Richmond, VA. She has done projects for Sweetgreen, Academy Jewelry, and Teen Vogue. Marleigh’s art had actually been on Brightland's inspiration page prior to the original brand launch.

About LUCID's label: The artist BD Graft, known for his thoughtful series “Add Yellow”, and Brightland have collaborated on a special, limited edition artist label made with oil pastels, and acrylic paint. BD Graft’s focus is primarily collages, which reference images from architecture, art history, and nature.

LUCID is a 100% Lemon Olive Oil, made for lustrous fare, and blended with lemon and hand-picked heirloom Frantoio olives. Enjoy with mashed potatoes, turkey, roasted vegetables, muffins, pasta, greens, salad and in cocktails.

ARDOR is a 100% Chili Olive Oil, made for heat and fervor, and blended with red chili peppers, jalapeno peppers, chipotle peppers, and paprika and hand-picked heirloom Frantoio olives. Enjoy with pizza, pasta, salads, noodles, pasta salads, and drizzled on dips, cheese plates, and gelato.

ARISE is a 100% Basil Olive Oil, made for and blended with basil and hand-picked heirloom Frantoio olives. Enjoy with winter salads, pasta, cornbread, roast chicken, burrata, crostini, and berries

Health Benefits


Olive oil is energizing, brain powering, nervous system supporting, beautifying, and immunity building. Extra virgin olive oil is also a great way to deliver fat-soluble vitamins and nutrients while cleansing us of fat-soluble toxins.


Extra virgin olive oil is loaded with antioxidants, some of which have powerful biological effects.


Promote glowing skin, eyes and hair, stimulating cellular restoration, preservation and longevity.

ARDOR Parathas with Quick Pickled Radishes, Crunchy Salad, and Labneh

Ardor Using: Ardor

Lemon-Coriander Olive Oil Muffins

Lucid Using: Lucid


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