Brightland Promo Codes

Looking for a Brightland discount? Having trouble finding a working Brightland promo code? That’s because we never run year-round discounts.

We know our products are pricier than what you’ll find on most store shelves, and we understand that discounts can make it easier to try Brightland for the first time.

At the same time, as a small business of less than 10 full-time employees, discounting year-round can threaten our business and our ability to bring the best quality products possible to our customers. As a rule, we don’t compromise on quality:

Our heirloom olives are hand-harvested in California so we can discard damaged fruit.
We select our olives for flavor, not oil yield.

We only sell oil from the most recent harvest (many producers blend in older oil, or non-olive oils, to cut costs).

Our fruit-forward vinegars get their juicy zing from naturally ripened, high quality fruit, like Valencia oranges and Triple Crown blackberries.

Better, higher quality raw materials, along with our dedication to a fully US-based supply chain, mean a higher cost to produce than the large commercial olive oil brands you may be more familiar with. 

Our products are priced carefully to ensure fair, responsible compensation for our employees and business partners, while still abiding by our values to bring the best quality product possible to our customers. Year-round discounting deeply affects our ability to continue making the same special products our customers love without further increasing prices to offset losses from discounts.

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