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You bring the food. We'll bring the sunshine.

Fueled by sunshine, great soil and the highest standards.

Brightland makes artfully and consciously-crafted olive oils, vinegars and honeys that infuse the everyday with a little bit of happiness.

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Consciously crafted from the best stuff in nature.

Our products are lovingly made by family farmers and local makers with the highest respect for ingredients and quality. We lean into the little things: heirloom olives, farm-fresh fruit and beekeepers that go back for generations.

Drizzle something that redefines delicious.

It’s the details that make a difference between taste that’s ho-hum or “holy smokes”. Let’s dig into the good feelings possible in every bite with a simple drizzle on toast, splash in a dish or spoonful in a drink.

Great food doesn’t wait.

Now that you have heard our spiel, it’s time to put our products to work. We have curated hundreds of recipes for you to filter, search or just peruse through until you find something that inspires you.


Living in a golden state means …

Savoring the simple moments. Everyday elegance. Cozy days and slow nights. Locally sourced ingredients. Warm, crusty bread, stew and a good book. Understanding traceability. Endless curiosity. Beauty from the inside out. Seeking the truth. Lazy evening strolls. Analog moments. Intersectional environmentalism. Nourishing body, heart and soul. Putting away the screens. California life. Conscious actions towards better health. Reading the newspaper. Verve and vibrancy. Being fully engaged in the present. Living well.


Founder’s Note

When my husband and I started to get into cooking, we expected to improve our well being and boost our confidence in the kitchen.

Instead, we had a bad experience. After eliminating likely culprits like cheese and bread, we believed - much to our surprise - that the cause was the olive oil we were using.

I did some research and quickly discovered the olive oil industry has had a history of problems and that not all olive oils are created equally: there are both good and bad quality products out there.

My personal experience inspired the idea for Brightland, which was born out of a desire for time-honored food production - and a deep belief in the land and what it provides.

My ancestors were salt farmers in South India; the land provided for them, and in turn they provided salt for people in the South. It’s a beautiful cycle when left untouched.

I believe in the California sun & soil, and the beautiful olives, grapes and fruit they yield. It’s my wish that our products provide abundant nourishment to you and the people you love for many breakfasts, lunches and dinners to come.

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