The industry needs major TLC.

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Deceptive Dilutions

“Honey is the third-most-faked food in the world, behind milk and olive oil.” ¹

Fraudulent manufacturers dilute real honey with high-fructose corn syrup or beet syrup, resulting in the smooth, imperfection-free liquid many associate with honey. Adulterated honey is exceptionally difficult to identify on store shelves.

Filtered and Degraded

“More than 75 percent of honey sold in the U.S. has had its pollen filtered out.” ²

Commercial honey is often pasteurized at high temperatures or run through ultra-filtration -- both processes degrade the health benefits, texture, aroma, and flavor of authentic honey.

An Industry in Flux

Due to fraudulent manufacturers flooding the market, honey production is no longer economically viable for most U.S. beekeepers. This means fewer apiaries focused on growing healthy bee populations.

What to look for


Unpasteurized. Brightland honey is only gently warmed enough to bottle — as close as it gets to honey straight from the hive.


Lightly strained to remove unwanted debris, but with the natural pollen grains (and health benefits) intact.


Authentic honey transparently communicates botanical sources and the region it’s from.


Brightland honey is intensely-floral and radiantly flavorful — the botanical origins shine through each bite.

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