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The Couplet

We sampled nearly 50 types of honey to hand-select the most pure and delicious varieties available, ultimately choosing two raw, unfiltered varieties that are as close as it gets to honey straight from the hive. To make The Couplet, bees in California and Hawaii collect nectar from diverse botanical sources, producing two types of honey with wildly unique flavor, aroma and texture.

The Couplet illustrates the incredible range present in natural honey and supports small, family-run farms in the United States -- just like our olive oils and vinegars. Includes one jar each:

- California Orange Blossom Honey is a radiantly golden honey from single estate orange groves in the Central Valley. Delicious, intensely-floral and amber hued with a clean, citrus finish.
- Kauai Wildflower Honey is our deeply hued amber honey with a molasses-like finish. Made from wild Hawaiian sources including hibiscus, eucalyptus, coffee trees, papaya trees, passion flowers, and guava flowers.

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Brightland partnered with small, U.S. family-owned apiaries run by women-led teams to hand-pick The Couplet. Our 3rd and 4th generation beekeepers are passionate about maintaining the health of their hives.

Ingredients: 100% pure raw, unfiltered honey.
Each recyclable glass jar contains 9 oz of honey.

Pure honey crystallizes over time or with exposure to cold temperatures. Enjoy as-is, or immerse in warm water (~100F) until it reliquifies.
Do not feed honey to babies under one year of age.

California Orange Blossom Honey pairs well with fresh fruit, hard cheeses, tea, root vegetables, dressings and marinades.

Kauai Wildflower Honey is luscious in coffee and baked goods, or drizzled on toast, yogurt, soft cheese, and pancakes.

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The Couplet Using: The Couplet


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