The industry needs major TLC.

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Bad additives

Common vinegar additives can include GMO brown sugar, thickeners and caramel coloring. And in some parts of the world, industrially-produced acetic acid that uses non-biological reactions can be sold as vinegar.

Not so fruitful

Big industrial conglomerates will sometimes use artificial flavorings over fresh fruit. If you notice a metallic taste on the back of your palate, that’s a sign of fake flavoring.


Love your Mother

Vinegar Mother is a cellular enzyme - essentially a “blob” of protein. It is naturally occuring within a raw vinegar - we like to think of it like yeast for a sourdough starter. Many vinegars have the mother removed because of its cloudy appearance (some mistake the cloudiness for rottenness). The truth is it consists of dozens of strains of beneficial bacteria and enzymes - which are essential for breaking down foods and giving your body access to nutrients.

What to look for

Made With Fruit

Preferably real, fresh fruit. Brightland uses farm-fresh Navel and Valencia oranges and ripe Triple Crown Blackberries.


Cloudiness is key.


A subtly chemical, metallic taste means mass-produced. Brightland Vinegars taste bold, zingy and bright.


The sweet spot is between 4-5% acidity.

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