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  • Why Brightland?

    Brightland was born to elevate the simplest moments in your kitchen — the dashing, drizzling, dipping, dousing, and even drenching. We are on a mission to celebrate conscious cooking and intentional living. When it comes to Brightland, we pride ourselves on locally-sourced ingredients, crafting our olive oils and vinegars on family-run farms in sunny California.

    The Duo

    Best Seller

    The Duo

    Our two bestselling extra virgin olive oils, paired together to balance and round out your kitchen.

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      Like nothing we've eaten before—it's fresh, it's got flavor, and it's making us question what we've been buying at the grocery store all these years.


      You spoiled me - Once I tasted how real olive oil is supposed to taste, I will NEVER be able to go back to store bought again!


      Purchased: The Duo

      The flavored olive oils are simply outstanding. Lemon and chili were my favorite until I tried the basil in a homemade soup — it took it to a new level.


      Purchased: The Artist Capsule

      Olive oils of exceptional high quality, and the honey, well, I have never had honey nearly as good, bursting with delicious flavor.


      I picked up both vinegars and thought I had gone to heaven. Never have I had a vinegar that was so smooth that I could use on salad without oil.


      Purchased: The Pair

      I work as a chef and have tried many olive oils. Brightland is my top choice! It's crisp, bright and rich in flavor. Fabulous!


      Purchased: The Duo

  • Fresh
    Cold-pressed within 90 minutes of harvest. 
  • Consciously Crafted
    Sourced from small family-run farms in sunny California. 
  • Quality
    Non GMO and rich in antioxidants.
  • Taste
    Made with early-harvest olives for optimal flavor.
  • "Extraordinary olive oil makes a great gift for kitchen novices and experts alike."

    "Brightland appears like a ray of sunshine compared to traditional olive oil brands."

    "This small-batch olive oil looks good on the counter, and a drizzle tastes as delicious on kale salad as it does on sorbet ."

    "This Editor-Loved Olive Oil Set Has Sold Out 3 Times, But It's Finally Back in Stock."

    Wirecutter - The New York Times Fast Company Goop Food & Wine
    Other Oil Brands
    No fillers or artificial preservatives
    Clean ingredients
    Sourced from family-run farms
    UV-coated glass bottles
    Always from the most recent harvest
    Vegan, Gluten-Free, Non GMO

    The Artist Capsule

    A $160 Value

    The Artist Capsule

    Set of all four infused olive oils: LUCID lemon, ARDOR chili, ARISE basil, and ROSETTE garlic, with special artist-designed labels.

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