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Skip the storebought stuff—and treat yourself to the real deal. Brightland olive oil is cold-pressed from early-harvest California olives, selected for flavor, and always from the most recent harvest.

Upgrade your pantry
  • "Like nothing we've eaten before—it's fresh, it's got flavor, and it's making us question what we've been buying at the grocery store all these years."

  • "You spoiled me - Once I tasted how real olive oil is supposed to taste, I will NEVER be able to go back to store bought again!"


    Purchased: The Duo

  • "The flavored olive oils are simply outstanding. Lemon and chili were my favorite until I tried the basil in a homemade soup — it took it to a new level."


    Purchased: The Artist Capsule

  • "Olive oils of exceptional high quality, and the honey, well, I have never had honey nearly as good, bursting with delicious flavor."

  • "I work as a chef and have tried many olive oils. Brightland is my top choice! It's crisp, bright and rich in flavor. Fabulous!"


    Purchased: The Duo

The Duo Best Seller
A gift that says "Olive You"

The Duo

Our two bestselling extra virgin olive oils, paired together to balance and round out your kitchen.


Awaken to the new gold standard

It's a key ingredient in any pantry, but olive oil is actually one of the most frequently faked, mislabeled, and adulterated food products worldwide. As a result, the cooking oil aisle is full of "extra virgin olive oils" that taste waxy, grubby, or like nothing at all.

With Brightland, you know exactly what you’re getting - authentic olive oils that are never rotten, overprocessed, or fraudulent. All sourced from small family-run US farms, with absolutely no fillers or preservatives, and packed with exceptionally fruity, peppery flavor.


No transatlantic journeys

Unlike imported olive oils with weekslong overseas journeys and multiple middlemen before they even reach a wholesaler, our oils are pressed hours from our warehouse, where they're shipped fresh to your door.

Pictured: Awake olive oil poured by hand into glass bowl

Bask in the sunshine

In olive oil, freshness means flavor and health. Antioxidant-rich olive varietals, local sourcing, and minimal travel time mean our oil stays extra fresh—from tree to bottle. The result? Brightland olive oil tests at 5x the polyphenol count of most storebought oils.

Every UV-coated recyclable glass bottle is labeled with a Harvest Date, so you can know you have the freshest oil possible.


Brightland was born of a desire for better, more honest food production.

Our consciously crafted products support small US family farms and makers. Our extra virgin olive oils are lovingly made in California with heirloom olives cold-pressed by a master miller within 90 minutes of harvest. Join us in our mission to live in a golden state by celebrating everyday elegance, endless curiosity, and being fully engaged in the present.

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