Audaciously Nourishing - Recipes that Will Cleanse + Reset

Audaciously Nourishing - Recipes that Will Cleanse + Reset

While we miss the family time, baked goods, and festive music that the holiday season provided, we are very excited to reset and prepare for a glorious new year. Find three recipes below that are perfect for starting fresh with clean eating and filling your body with all of the nutrients it might have lacked during the holiday festivities.


Crispy Tofu and Noodle Bowl



Packed with veggies, nuts, and herbs, this warm and comforting bowl from Kristina Cho of @eatchofood is as filling as it is nutritious. Enjoy it on a chilly Saturday afternoon, or for a lovely and light mid-week dinner.



Roasted Fruit Oatmeal Bowl



We love starting the day with handfuls of fruit, but on chilly winter mornings cold citrus can be less than tempting. Our friend Haley Hunt of Brewing Happiness shared this delicious oatmeal recipe that includes roasted fruit for a healthy mid-winter treat.



Thea's Turkish Eggs


Perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this herby egg dish from Thea Baumann will keep you happy and satisfied all January long.