During the Holidays, Commit to Living in a Golden State

During the Holidays, Commit to Living in a Golden State

Well-intentioned as we try to be, this time of year can inevitably be stressful, hectic, and leave us feeling more depleted than fulfilled - not exactly living in a golden state. We wanted to take an opportunity to share some inspiring-- and delightful-- answers to the question "What does living in a golden state mean to you?"

Browse through, take a deep and cleansing breath, and let yourself forget the shopping, errands, travel, and personal stressors, and simply give yourself a moment to reflect. It might be the most meaningful gift you give yourself all season.

What does Living in a Golden State mean to you?

To me, living in a golden state means consciously taking actions to be more present; reading 10-15 pages of a book on a weekday morning, putting screens away during all meals, lovingly making yourself or a loved one a nice meal, and looking around the space you’re in and practicing gratitude.

- Aishwarya Iyer, Founder and CEO of Brightland

Choosing to see the light/happiness/etc. as often as possible. Emphasis on the *as often as possible* part because, you know, alllll the emotions are part of the human experience.

- Ashlae W, recipe developer behind @ohladycakes

Letting go and embracing and looking up.

- Marleigh Culver, artist

Living in a “golden state” is all about those evenings when you sit down at the table with friends in the early evening and lose sense of time. The only markers that you’ve been laughing and eating for hours are that the sun has gotten lower and more empty wine bottles have accumulated.

- Chris Carter, co-founder of Porter Road

Living in a golden state to me is living in the moment and really engaging with the people and things physically around you.

- Zarna Surti, Global Editorial Director of Nike Women and founder of Tonal Journal

From a personal standpoint, a golden state is being able to look at my
reflection and feel content in how I’ve developed physically and mentally as a
woman...to be able to accept my flaws as part of my character. I’m not really there all
the time, but have definitely been able to smile back at myself more often and be ok
with what I see.

- Tiffany Caliva, designer and owner of The Beach Lodge

Anytime I’m feeling uncomfortable with what I’m doing, I know I’m doing something right. Since leaving the corporate world last year, I’ve tried to continue taking as many risks as possible to keep growing both personally and professionally. As strange as it sounds, I feel completely at peace when I’m just a little bit scared!

- Meryl Feinstein, chef, pastaia, and founder of Pasta Social Club

Living judgment free

- Laney Crowell, founder of The Moment

We want to see how you live in a golden state during the holiday season. Tag @wearebrightland and #livinginagoldenstate to share your moment with us.