Getting Ahead of your Spring Cleaning: Pantry Essentials

Getting Ahead of your Spring Cleaning: Pantry Essentials

Why wait for the beautiful weather to spring clean? We actually find winter cleaning a lovely and therapeutic activity for those long dark evenings. We have gathered some of our favorite products and tips for getting your kitchen in tip top shape.

Clean Pantry Essentials

1. Beautiful jars

As much as we love the look of a minimal kitchen shelfie, some of that precious kitchen countertop space inevitably needs to be used for storage. We recommend beautiful jars, such as this one from Jenni Kayne, for elegant organizing.

2. Baskets and more baskets

We are passionate about buying in bulk - it decreases plastic waste, it's budget friendly, and it saves last minute trips to the market. However, large bags of dried grains and nuts can often clutter up a pantry. We love stashing all of our bulk buys into pretty baskets for a very clean and elevated pantry look. This handwoven rattan number from The Little Market is perfect for stylishly stashing multiple bags of dried pasta.

3. An easily accessible (and attractive) broom

Crumbs abound in all pantries, such is the reality of a small space with a plethora of dried goods. A quick sweep of your pantry will work wonders, and you won't believe how many cereal crumbs were covering the surface. Our lives have changed since keeping a broom in the corner of the pantry for a fast tidy-up, and this is the most gorgeous (and space conscious) one that we have ever seen.

Clean Pantry Tips

1. Reorganize items based on use and keep most-used items at eye level. This way, you aren't reaching up and knocking items over in an attempt to grab the cereal box every morning.

2. Buy in bulk. We said this before but we will say it again. Buying in bulk is environmentally- and wallet- friendly, plus it is much easier to keep all food categories organized if they are bought and stored at once.

3. Try to fit all items on a shelf and keep the floor clean and storage-free. Moving items off of the floor will immediately make your pantry feel cleaner and less cluttered.

Photo Credit: Jenni Kayne, The Little Market, Laundress