Interview with The Gourmand's David Lane

Interview with The Gourmand's David Lane

Few things are better than the smooth, tactile feeling of reading a glossy. In this digital age, it almost feels like a rare art — a nostalgic bridge to the past. Which is why we at Brightland are thrilled to carry our favorite issue of our favorite food magazine, The Gourmand, in our Brilliant Culinarian Set.

We caught up with the editor-in-chief and creative director, David Lane, for a special interview below.

Where do you call home?

An 1890s, terraced, red brick house in North East London with our sons Jacob and Frank, and our cat Peter.

Describe The Gourmand for those who have yet to discover it?

A biannual, printed journal that uses food as a way to discuss and a lens to view wider culture; music, film, art, fashion, literature and beyond. All packaged together with a joyous, colorful, and iconic aesthetic.

Three words to describe a The Gourmand reader?

Enjoys good stuff.

Your favorite, don't-miss-this piece from issue 10 in our Brilliant Culinarian Set?

So many good things. Singer-songwriter Brix Smith Start of The Fall on memories of her grandparents and a Hollywood past. “Mature Dating”, [a piece on the oldest restaurants of London — the youngest in the feature is 101 years old], IRL Food Emojis, an interview with genre-bending rapper Makonnen Sheran, plus Shep Gordon, Olaf Breuning, Skye Gingel, Emel Mathlouthi, Enrique much fun stuff.

The most surprising thing a reader will discover in issue 10?

The unsuspecting and eccentric Silicon Valley restaurant that has seen it all.

Best unlikely pairing with olive oil?

Vanilla ice cream and salt.

Tell us about this.

An age-old gelato tradition that is really tasty. Although, you do need the absolute best quality olive oil and salt.

"Olive Oil, United States" Giclée print by Baker & Evans (from The Gourmand Issue 08)

If you could steal anyone's kitchen, past or present, whose would it be?

Georgia O'Keeffe's or The Prince Regent’s Great Kitchen at The Royal Pavilion in Brighton [on the southern coast of England].

You have 20 minutes to be completely free of screens and electronics, how do you spend it?

Cooking, eating, drinking, and talking.