As Featured In Domino Magazine: Leading Kitchen Trends

As Featured In Domino Magazine: Leading Kitchen Trends

Brightland was featured in a Domino Magazine story about why the Kitchen was the IT room of 2018.

As Domino shares:

This process of redefining cookware and kitchen staples has also included a “back to basics” approach that’s elevated the ordinary into something that feels special. “2018 revolved around simplicity, coziness, and celebrating the home,” says Aishwarya Iyer, founder of olive oil brand Brightland. “Brightland’s mission is to inspire and create more analog moments at home and bring some excitement into a forgotten foundation of our food: olive oil. We wholeheartedly believe in the beauty of simple, everyday moments and not taking ourselves too seriously.” Sold in beautiful, well-designed vessels, Brightland’s olive oil also happens to look especially eye-catching on a kitchen countertop.

We believe that this trend is going to continue into 2019 and we are excited to share two predictions:

1. The kitchen counter space will become as curated and coveted as the bathroom #shelfie - which means we will see many Brightland bottles proudly displayed on kitchen countertops.

2. The kitchen will continue to become the central gathering spot when hosting, bringing community together and when thinking about nourishment.

How do you see the kitchen trend evolving? Would love to hear from you: or DM us on Instagram @wearebrightland.