Olive Varietals

Olive Varietals

There are over 2,000 catalogued olive varietals in the world, but most people aren't aware of types beyond green and black. In our Brightland family, we use two types of olives: Frantoio and Coratina. LUCID is made with Frantoio olives, ALIVE is made with Coratina olives, and AWAKE is made with a blend of both. Read on to learn more about these two varietals.


Frantoio Olives

Frantoio olives are originally from Central Italy. They are classified as more fruity and herbaceous, and considered by many to be the best olives for making extra virgin olive oil!



Coratina Olives

Coratina olives, origianly from Puglia, Italy, are another popular olive for olive oil making. They are slightly more bitter than Frantoio olives and are very rich in polyphenols, or antioxidants.


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Photo Credit: Domino Mag