Powder Coated Bottles

Powder Coated Bottles

Our powder coated bottles do so much more than add a clean touch to your kitchen counter. Learn how the Brightland bottle has just as many benefits as the oil inside.


Protection from the Sun

All of Brightland's bottles are coated with UV-protected matte coating. Light exposure can increase olive oil's rancidity while decreasing the amount of antioxidants. This ensures that the bottles help keep your Brightland last longer than other oils in clear containers.


Learn more about the benefits of antioxidants here



Our powder coated bottles are environmentally friendly. Unlike typical liquid paints, the powder coating process doesn't use solvents and doesn't release compounds into the atmosphere. You can recycle our bottles with certainty that they are not damaging the environment.






Our beautiful bottles are perfect for other uses once your olive oil runs out. Once clean, they can store other liquids such as salad dressing or vinegar. They also make wonderful vases for fresh flowers!