Q&A With Jessica Siskin of Mister Krisp

Q&A With Jessica Siskin of Mister Krisp

Jessica Siskin is the creator of @mister_krisp, popular bespoke Rice Krispies Treat business and instagram account displaying her edible creations resembling everything from pizza to pop-culture icons. We are so thrilled to show you Jessica's beautiful Mister Krisp LUCID creation, and a Q&A with the creator herself:

Brightland: What is your favorite way to treat yourself when you're at home?

Jessica Siskin: Lately, my favorite way to treat myself is to relax for a few minutes on my acupressure mat. I was skeptical when an aquaintance recommended I buy one, but spending about 10 minutes on it completely shifts my energy.

Brightland: What is your favorite way to use olive oil?

Jessica Siskin: I love to drizzle some nice olive oil on store-bought hummus to elevate it a bit. Also, I recently rented a house with some girlfriends for a weekend and we baked a boxed funfetti cake using olive oil instead of vegetable oil and it was delicious.

Brightland: What does living in a golden state mean to you?

Jessica Siskin: To me, living in a golden state means taking time in my day to appreciate how fortunate I am to do the creative work I love. Work is work and just like anyone else I can get caught up in the daily stresses of running a business, but I make sure to take the time to remind myself why I'm doing it.

Brightland: If you could host a dinner party at home and invite 3 guests (living or dead), who would they be?

Jessica Siskin: Oprah, Maggie Nelson, & Taylor Swift.