The art of celebration with Hudson Wilder

The art of celebration with Hudson Wilder
Our friends at Hudson Wilder, a wonderful Brooklyn-based home goods company, have penned a piece just for the Brightland community, which we are thrilled to share during the holidays.
The Art of Celebration, with Hudson Wilder: created for Brightland

We believe in keeping things simple and that good things happen when people gather around the table. Celebrate the everyday over a shared meal simply to connect, nourish, and comfort each of us.

Building a genuine sense of warmth, comfort, and ease in our spaces.

Inviting our guests to share a little of themselves by sharing a little more of ourselves. It can be as simple as sharing a playlist of our favorite music, objects collected from our travels, or books we love.

Create a visual reminder that beauty can be found in unlikely places.

Discovering beauty in our everyday begins with unraveling our own experiences and finding inspiration in daily objects. Opt to create your own tabletop centerpiece while embracing the imperfections allow us to have a little more fun.

Leave behind the concept of the formal table in favor of casual dining.

The best meals are often those made from the heart and with the help of others, whether it’s the whole family helping in the kitchen or new friends decorating cakes together. Serve family-style dishes that are shareable or desserts that you can eat with your hands—all things that help us leave perfection behind and create a sense of cozy comfort.

Taking home a piece of the celebration.

From receiving our guests with a drink as they arrive to giving takeaway boxes for leftovers when the night is over, simple and thoughtful details go a long way.

Hudson Wilder is a new home goods company founded on the principle that the unity between a person, an object and their space defines comfort and luxury. Established in NYC by sibling duo Conway and Joyce, their background and passion for Design and Food is brought to life with their first tabletop collection.