At Brightland HQ, it definitely is the most wonderful time of the year. We love holiday season, cozy evenings, mulled wine, and most importantly, thoughtful gift giving. Thus, we have created the first Brightland Holiday Gift Guide, featuring our favorite gifts to give to loved ones. All of these marvelous brands also happen to be friends of ours, so we couldn't be more thrilled to share.

1. Hudson Wilder: Beautiful flatware and glassware. We are enamored with the Apsel Abalone Black flatware set.

2. Morrow Soft Goods: Continue living in a golden state with this LA brand's ultra soft, luxe sheets and throws. We especially love the Emerson Alpaca Throw.

3. Activist Manuka: We tried this glorious New Zealand honey this autumn and are forever changed. It's rich, delicious and pairs wonderfully with Brightland on toast and in a gorgeous salad dressing (recipe coming soon!) We recommend the 300+ MGO Manuka.

4. Brightland: But of course. Might we suggest a subscription, as the gift that keeps on giving?

5. Palermo Body: For the skincare/beauty enthusiast in your life... Palermo's soaps and body scrubes are lush, smell divine, and most importantly...truly all natural.

6. Hedley & Bennett: Chic, fantastic chef-wear and aprons from a woman-led company in LA. We adore their latest collaboration aprons and goods with Parachute Home.

Happiest of Holidays and Happy Shopping !