The 6 Things Bringing Peiman Raf Comfort

The 6 Things Bringing Peiman Raf Comfort

Our home is our sanctuary. A space that can ground us, bring us comfort, and — quite literally — shelter us from the storms of the outside world. At Brightland, we've always had a special love for the great indoors. And now, more than ever, we find ourselves curious about what brings comfort to those in our community.

We checked in with our friend, Peiman Raf, co-founder of Madhappy — an optimistic lifestyle label that boasts some of the coziest sweats around.

Read on for a photo diary of the six things that are bringing Peiman the most comfort at home right now.

1. My bench — this is where my girlfriend, Sara, and I have been doing daily 10-minute meditations. Something we're able to do now because of the stay-at-home order!

2. My iPad — I've been reading way more recently on my iPad, which has been a great way to unwind after a long day.

3. My workout equipment — it's been helpful to stay on a routine. I've been doing daily workouts on Instagram Live from Akin Akman of Aarmy (which are very hard!).

4. My Nutribullet — I use it when I'm too lazy to make any real food. Fast and tastes great.

5. Codenames — I love this game. It's been great to have more time to play games that we could barely find any time for before.

6. Tulips — just because they are nice to look at. :)

Peiman Raf is the co-founder of Madhappy, a community-driven streetwear brand with an emphasis on mental health. Keep up with their mission to make the world a more optimistic place on Instagram @madhappy.