Wonderful Gifts for People Who Like to Cook

With the holidays coming up fast, it is time to start putting together your gift shopping list. Buying presents for people who like to cook can be tough, especially if they have been doing it for years and already own most of the obvious essentials. Here are 10 of our favorite go-to gifts for people who like to cook and already have everything else — from olive oil gift sets to cooking torches:

brightland olive oil and vinegar

Garlic Choppers

Chopping garlic is one of the most essential tasks in cooking, but it can be quite tedious and also leaves your hands smelly for hours. A garlic chopper makes quick work of this task and keeps the hands clean, allowing the recipient to mince mounds of garlic in record time without having to smell like it for the rest of the day.

Salt and Pepper Mills

There is something extra delicious about freshly ground salt and pepper, but buying dedicated mills often is not high on a burgeoning chef’s shopping list — which is why they make the perfect gift this holiday season. Coordinate the mills with the rest of their cookware or their kitchen aesthetic so they will want to leave them out on the counter around the clock.

Food Scale

If the foodie in your life is more into baking than cooking, they are sure to appreciate a gift of a food scale. Food scales enable the precise measurement of ingredients that is key for a delicious final bake. They are also affordable and do not take up that much room in the kitchen, making them a great stocking stuffer idea as well.

Pantry Essentials

Help the chef in your life elevate their recipes with high quality pantry essentials, such as a raw honey duo or extra virgin olive oil gift set from Brightland. Think about what cuisines they cook most often and what ingredients they use a lot. Then, give them a gift set of ingredients that they will reach for every day.

brightland olive oil next to pizza

Culinary Torch

Owning a culinary torch is not strictly necessary, but it is a great way to show off for guests and add a little pizzazz to any meal. Look for a butane torch that is comfortable to hold and offers a high degree of control over the flame to ensure a safe and even burn on whatever dish they are finishing up.

Immersion Blender

Immersion blenders, sometimes called hand blenders, are perfect for creaming soups or whipping together a quick smoothie when you do not feel like dragging out a heavy blender. They also are not as expensive as full-size blenders and food processors and take up less room in the kitchen, so they are a great choice for apartment dwellers. 

Butter Crock

If your intended gift recipient still leaves their butter on the counter in an uncovered bowl, it is time to upgrade them to a covered ceramic butter crock. These butter crocks keep the butter safe from kitchen debris while allowing it to still be left out at room temperature, making it a must-have for anyone who cooks with butter a lot (or just really loves buttered toast).

Grating Plate

Cleaning up a microplane grater is an absolute pain, and it is almost impossible to get all the little food particles out of the grater’s teeth. Enter the grate plate, a beautiful ceramic plate that is designed to grate garlic, ginger, nutmeg, hard cheeses and more. You can grate and serve in the same dish, or use the included brush to move your ingredient into the pot or pan.

four brightland olive oils on counter

French Rolling Pin

Dedicated bakers prefer to use a French rolling pin instead of a traditional rolling pin because the French design gives them more control over the pressure on both ends of the rolling pin. If the baker in your life has been using a standard rolling pin all this time, give them the gift of upgrading to a French rolling pin.

Pasta Maker

You can absolutely make pasta by hand using basic kitchen tools, but it is a time-consuming and often frustrating process. If you have a cook in your life who loves to make pasta from scratch on the regular, they will get a lot of mileage out of a pasta maker that allows them to roll and cut the dough with ease.

Does your intended gift recipient already have everything on this list? If so, you cannot go wrong with presenting them with a gift card for women to Brightland. That way, they pick out whatever they want and you do not have to worry about returns or exchanges!