St. Lucia's Spring Forward Tunes for Brightland

Welcome to Brightland's Jukebox: Spring Edition

Our latest edition of Brightland's Jukebox features a spring playlist curated by one of our favorite musical artists - St. Lucia. Lead singer Jean Philip Grobler and his wife Patti Beranek have gathered an inspired mix of their favorite tunes for warmer, brighter days.

"What does Spring make us think of? Longer days, traveling to far off places, cooking with brighter tasting ingredients, and the coming but still a little bit distant summer heat. To us, Spring always feels like this moment of relief after the long, dark winter (depending on where you live, of course). All of nature seems to perform all of its miracles with ease, suddenly there are flowers everywhere. We wanted our playlist to reflect that sense of ease and travel, even if you can't travel just yet. We included some new, some old, some known and some unfamiliar all from a variety of different countries and cultures. We hope it inspires you for your next adventure!" - Jean & Patti (St. Lucia)

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St. Lucia's Spring Forward Tunes for Brightland