• Cacao Turmeric Wildflower Latte
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Cacao Turmeric Wildflower Latte

Recipe by: Golde

Brightland Wildflower Honey tastes delicious in many beverages, but our new favorite has to be this Cacao Turmeric Wildflower Latte created by the Golde team, featuring our new Kauai wildflower honey.

Golde is a superfood health and beauty brand whose matcha, blends, and face masks are made using single-origin turmeric. Not only is their latte blend 100% natural and vegan-friendly, but it has superior skincare benefits as well.



  • 1 In a jar whisk together the water, honey and turmeric blend.
  • 2 Pour turmeric shot into a cup, add ice and milk or just steamed milk.
  • 3 Sip and enjoy!

Photo Credit: Golde