• How to Create a Festive Grazing Spread
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How to Create a Festive Grazing Spread

Recipe by: Noreen Wasti

To celebrate the holidays, Brightland's Chef in Residence, Noreen Wasti, has shared a colorful, elevated step up from the classic cheeseboard. Read on for her styling tips and tricks, along with her favorite way to prepare crowd-pleasing brie.

"It’s grazing season (the season lasts all year long for me personally). Bring out the wine, set up a beautiful little spread and you really don’t need anything else. Cheese, dips, fruits, crudités, nuts, and more — we love to see it. I wanted to share some of my tips for how I put together a more unconventional grazing spread that I hope gives you some inspiration for preparation and styling." - Noreen Wasti

8 Tips For a Festive Grazing Spread:

- Everyone loves brie, it’s a true crowd pleaser. I like to elevate the presentation by covering the round in thinly sliced pears with chopped pistachios and Brightland’s California Orange Blossom Honey. See below the full recipe.

- Try to reach for some unconventional ingredients. We’ve all seen carrot and celery sticks, but how about some jewel toned radicchio, endive, persimmon, pomegranate clusters, clementines with leaves, and radishes. Just something a little different!

- Drizzle crunchy vegetables, fruit slices, and bread with Brightland’s AWAKE olive oil to bring out more flavor.

- Dried fruit, herbs, and nuts are perfect for filling gaps.

- Make sure to keep cheeses out at room temperature for a few hours, it’s so much better.

- I know the rule is to cluster everything in perfect piles, but I say mix it around a bit. It looks more relaxed and less Pinterest’y in my opinion!

- I’ve been drawn more to using smaller plates and vessels over a large board. Of course use whatever you have, but I find having smaller plates with different components more beautiful and undone.

- Tear bread into chunks rather than perfect slices — it’s rustic and inviting.



  • 1 Place the pear slices on top of the brie in a layered manner.
  • 2 Sprinkle with chopped pistachios and drizzle generously with honey.
  • 3 Top with any other adornments such as dried citrus, herbs, and edible flowers.

Images by Noreen Wasti.