• Crispy, Golden Maitake Toast

Crispy, Golden Maitake Toast

Recipe by: Deborah Williamson
Servings: 2

January’s BrightRx features savory, flavorful recipes to start your new year with a kick and warm up your winter days. Deborah Williamson, founder of James, has shared the recipe for a flavorful and seasonal Maitake Toast with us.

James is a restaurant and provisions shop in Brooklyn's Prospect Heights which offers a vegetable-forward, farm-driven menu. The provisions shop, which is a one-stop-shop takeout window, churns out a rotation of weekly farmer’s boxes reflecting what’s abundant in season, in addition to produce, larder and pantry staples from farmer friends.


  • 2 large slices of rustic peasant bread
  • 10oz organic Maitake mushrooms, stems removed. Torn into feathers but not cut.
  • 1 Tsp wild fennel seed
  • 1 Tsp coriander seeds
  • 1 lemon cut in half
  • Calendula salt
  • Baby greens + edible flowers
  • 7 Tbsp of Brightland AWAKE olive oil


  • 1 Heat cast iron pan with medium heat.
  • 2 Add 4 Tbsp Brightland AWAKE and turn the bread in the oil to coat each side. Grill each slice of bread using cast iron grill press to sear the toast. Approximately 1 minute on each side. The bread should be seared and crispy yet tender on the inside. Set the bread aside.
  • 3 Add fennel and seeds to the pan, stir frequently until toast until the seeds become aromatic and crisp.
  • 4 Remove pan from heat and scoop out the fennel and coriander. Set aside.
  • 5 Add 4 Tbsp of AWAKE olive oil to the pan, add mushrooms and return the pan to medium heat. Season the mushrooms with calendula salt and cook until the mushrooms until they turn a beautiful brown (approx. 7 minutes).
  • 6 Add the toasted wild fennel and coriander seeds, stir and squeeze half a lemon over the pan. Remove from heat.
  • 7 Drizzle a touch of AWAKE olive oil on each slice of toast, spoon equal amounts of the mushrooms on each slice. Finish with sprinkle of calendula salt and garnish with baby greens and edible flowers.
  • 8 Serve immediately