The kitchen countertop always falls victim to endless clutter. For a calm vibe and welcoming look, we love a clean, open countertop with only the essentials on display.



Quality Soap

Aesop Hand Wash is our absolute favorite way to keep our hands clean after a day of cooking. With orange, rosemary, and lavender oils in the mix, what’s not to love?




The Duo is a countertop necessity. Be ready to sautee, drizzle, or mix any dish that comes to mind.




Keep whatever inspires you close at hand: A stack of your favorite cookbooks, design books, or even an old favorite from childhood.

Our founder Aishwarya loves to keep Hetty Mckinnon's cookbook FAMILY on her countertop for spontaneous flip-throughs!

Bowl of Fruit

The natural touch adds color and beauty to our countertops. We recommend throwing in some in-season peaches, apricots, and pineapples into this equally bright and happy bowl from our friends at Eastfork Pottery.



Photo Credit: Eastfork Pottery