Easy Dinners for Difficult Times

Easy Dinners for Difficult Times

When the world outside gets tough, we turn inward to the thing we love most — hearty, home-cooked food. With all the limitations around grocery shopping these days, we decided to cull the internet for the very best simple dinner recipes. The below all have short and basic ingredient lists, and, of course, are delicious.

Quite Possibly the Best Chickpeas from Bon Appétit

As the recipe succinctly states, these are quite possibly the best chickpeas. Healthy and practical, chickpeas can be stored in the fridge for almost a week, so you can make a batch to last for several days.

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Perfect Spaghetti Carbonara from Munchies

Pasta makes for the best comfort food. Was there anything better growing up than a warm bowl of mac and cheese? A good spaghetti carbonara is like the elevated, adult version of that. And we’ll take any opportunity to cook with freshly grated Parmesan.

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Quick Roast Chicken and Potatoes from Goop

Chicken, olive oil, and just four more ingredients make up this full dinner. The recipe calls for rosemary, sage, and thyme, but you can use whatever herbs you like.

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Cucumbers with Scallions and Chili Oil from Epicurious

Fans of our newly brought back ARDOR chili oil will love this tasty and simple salad (or side). And you can make it in less than twenty minutes. If you’re feeling
especially low-maintenance, you can skip the smacking and enjoy the cucumbers whole.

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Olive Oil Roasted Chicken With Caramelized Carrots from The New York Times

We, along with the rest of the known universe, love an Alison Roman recipe. We’re impartial to this one for its generous helping of olive oil, but the other flavors are divine, too, and make it a perfect weeknight recipe.

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Silky Cauliflower Soup from Smitten Kitchen

In hard times, you can’t go wrong with a good soup. Heads up: this one requires an immersion blender to get that perfect puree consistency.

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Baked Beans from Laila Gohar

We’ve long admired Laila Gohar’s brilliant food art and styling. She recently shared her recipe for a simple bean dish and we can’t wait to try it.