Our Guide to the Perfect Charcuterie Board for Your New Year's Eve Bash... or Just a Casual Sunday Night

Our Guide to the Perfect Charcuterie Board for Your New Year's Eve Bash... or Just a Casual Sunday Night

As an elevated way to snack, the charcuterie board is something we are quite fond of, whether for a holiday part or a cozy Sunday night with friends. For your holiday fête or next get-together, we’ve gathered our top tips for crafting the perfect spread.



1. A Beautiful Board


The board is the foundation of your presentation, so a high quality and gorgeous base is crucial. Our favorite of the moment is Material's The Angled Board. Its unique slanted shape offers a twist on a classic design and - bonus for the host or at-home cook, makes cleaning up a breeze.




2. Diverse Fare



The beauty of a charcuterie board is that is has a little bit of everything. We recommend a selection of prosciutto, 2-3 cheeses, and plenty of in-season fruits and vegetables. Now that it is cooler, we are loving figs, persimmons, and apricots on our boards. (As a rule of thumb, the more color the better!) If you are in need of some inspiration, our dear friend Amy Holt creates the most gorgeous and joy-sparking boards we've ever seen.




3. A Unique Dip



Sometimes, the best part of a board is the dip (or dips, in every flavor and texture for an all-on sensory experience). Alexis Deboschnek of Buzzfeed Tasty created two Brightland dips that are both absolutely divine.




4. Whimsical Accessories

Charcuterie boards can get a little messy - such is the nature (and fun!!) of finger food. For practical purposes and a pretty touch, we recommend supplying guests with linen napkins such as these sustainably made dotted napkins from The Little Market. We of course also have to mention the newest member of the Brightland family - the dishtowel! Your guests (and stain-free furniture) will thank you.




5. Brightland's ALIVE



For a truly indulgent treat, we recommend drizzling your cheese and fruit with a little bit of Brightland's ALIVE. Our oils add depth to the flavor of each element of your charcuterie platter, making your board look that much more delectable.