The 3 Absolute Best Tips from Monocle’s Guide to Better Living

The 3 Absolute Best Tips from Monocle’s Guide to Better Living

In honor of our partnership with Monocle, whose book you can now find in our Simple Indulgence Set in our shop, we've highlighted our three absolute favorite tips from Monocle's Guide to Better Living.

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1. How to make a house a home

A powerful and poignant piece by Hugo Macdonald on letting go of perfection and embracing the spills, stains, worn-in decor, and other signs of real living in your home. Macdonald asks, how many of us don't allow red wine in our homes? In this age of Instagram perfection, we've sacrificed comfort and convenience in favor of aesthetics and appearances. But it doesn't have to be a trade-off. Cultivate a beautiful home that sparks joy, but don't let a fear of imperfection prevent you from enjoying it to the fullest. What a relief to be able to sip a morning latte on your white Eames chair without worrying about a very real, natural, and human thing like a spill?

Macdonald also suggests:

  • Opt for natural materials, like wood, metals, stone, and marble, over manmade materials, wherever possible.

  • Avoid overhead lighting, unless on a dimmer. Light rooms with accept lamps instead.

  • Don't let your television take center stage in your living room. Conceal it or, better, opt for a projector.

See the full story on page 314.

2. Grow your own home

Remember playing "house" as a kid? Was there anything better? (We think not!). That's why we love this piece that lists all of the very best aspirational components to make the adult home of our dreams. The best rug (Kasthall), the best lamps (Bunaco), the best chairs (Finn Juhl) — it's a detailed and alarmingly accurate wishlist of the dreamiest pieces in home decor. You won't want to miss the kitchen wishlist.

See the full story on page 322.

3. Surprise!

See page 198 for the third of our favorite tips in Monocle's Guide to Better Living.