The Perfect All-Day Tunes for Cooking

The Perfect All-Day Tunes for Cooking

Welcome to Brightland’s Jukebox, a list of Team Brightland’s favorite springtime tunes from artists far and wide – ideal to have on while cooking in the kitchen, since you are probably in the kitchen more than ever these days. We have been listening to these songs at all times of day, from baking Cinnamon Olive Oil Cake for breakfast to preparing a Moroccan Spiced Sheet Pan Dinner


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Brightland's Jukebox


  1. Seul Ce Soir - Swing 41
  2. J'Attendrai - Swing 41
  3. Coquette - Swing 41
  4. When I Was A Boy - Biel Ballester Trio
  5. Per Na Cola - Biel Ballester Trio
  6. Your Shining Eyes - Biel Ballester Trio
  7. The Wise Man Who Cried Every Night - Biel Ballester Trio
  8. Passion - Romane, Alice Bassi
  9. Jardin d'hiver - Tchavolo Schmitt
  10. After you've gone - Tchavolo Schmitt
  11. La Balanguera - Biel Ballester Trio
  12. For Magnio - Yorgui Loeffler 
  13. Tansa - Yorgui Loeffler
  14. La Gitane - Angelo DeBarre, Serge Camps
  15. Pour Ceux Qui Restent - Biel Ballester Trio
  16. Revoir Paris - Ninine Garcia Quitent
  17. Zaidy - Ninine Garcia Quitent
  18. Vech a no Drom - Ninine Garcia Quintent


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