Interview with Peter Som

Brightland is thrilled to have collaborated with Peter Som to create the label of our newest oil, ARISE. Having dressed leading women from Michelle Obama to Beyoncé, Peter has an innate sense of style and taste. He's also brilliant in the kitchen, which we witnessed firsthand upon tasting his slow-roasted eggplant.

Interview with Peter Som

A self-proclaimed "homebody", we sat down for a chat in his beautiful West Village apartment to find out how he spends his time at home, approaches home-cooking, and more. Read on!

Tell us about your home.
I’ve lived in my West Village apartment for twenty years — I can't believe it! I love the neighborhood — the charm of the tree-lined streets and townhouses. It truly feels like a charming village tucked away in a corner of the city. I was drawn to my home for its elegant pre-war character. Through various renovations I've done over the years, I've been able to maintain that classic feel with modern, clean-lined touches.

What are you up to these days?
I’ve been quite busy consulting, working on various projects, and continuing my love of all things cooking and home.

What is your at-home cooking style?
My goal is to keep it effortless, simple, and delicious. I’ve found that I approach cooking the same way I approach designing. It’s all about looking like you didn’t try too hard.

Favorite spices and flavors to cook with?
I’ve actually been super inspired by Five Spice. I grew up with it. We had Five Spice Roast Chicken almost every week. I’ve now come back to it many years later and find that it's so versatile — and delicious! In both savory and sweet applications.

Your best cooking tricks?
Make it ahead of time, keep it simple, keep it fresh. Oh, and when I’m cooking I always have a kitchen towel in my pants belt loop —I never have to go looking for it!

What are you listening to right now?
Hotel Costes mixes are always my go-to.

The last thing you Googled?
Buttermilk vs heavy cream for biscuits.

The last thing you watched?
RuPaul’s Drag Race!

The last thing you cooked?
Minestrone soup with my own homemade stock.

The last person you called?
My mom.

How will you be spending your "extra" time at home these days?
There’s no doubt it's a crazy and scary time right now. Home cooking and baking have become not only a necessity, but a way to feed the soul, keep my feet on the ground and connect with friends and family far and wide.