Is Olive Oil Gluten-Free?

Gluten is a group of proteins commonly found in wheat products, including wheat, rye, spelt and barley. Many people try to avoid gluten, either because they are allergic to it or because it is their dietary preference. Discover whether or not olive oil is gluten-free in the guide below.

Is Olive Oil Gluten-Free?

The short answer is yes, olive oil is gluten-free. Extra virgin olive oil is made from the juice of olive fruits, which contain no gluten. As a result, olive oil itself is gluten-free and thus suitable for all gluten-free diets. In fact, most cooking oils are naturally gluten-free.

However, sometimes olive oil can be cross-contaminated if it is manufactured in a facility that also processes gluten. Certain flavor additives can also incorporate gluten in the olive oil. For instance, barley is often used as the smoke flavoring in smoke-flavored olive oil, which makes that particular product not gluten-free. If you are extremely allergic to trace amounts of gluten — for instance, if you have celiac disease — then you should carefully read each label to ensure that you are indeed getting completely gluten-free olive oil. Some flavored olive oils may be fine for you to consume — as an example, our ARISE basil olive oil does not contain gluten — but it is always best to stay on the safe side if you are allergic. When in doubt, go with unflavored extra virgin olive oil.

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While this does not apply to home cooking, cross-contamination with oil is also a concern when you are eating out at a restaurant. Some restaurants may use the same oil to fry both gluten-free items and those that contain gluten (such as breaded meats), which causes cross-contamination. If you are allergic to gluten, you should always check with the restaurant to make sure that they fry gluten-free and gluten items separately.

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Gluten-Free Cooking with Olive Oil

While the idea of eating olive oil might immediately bring to mind dipping crusty, gluten-laden bread in olive oil, there are plenty of ways to cook with olive oil that do not involve gluten at all. For starters, olive oil can be used in many baking recipes that involve gluten-free flour substitutes or get rid of flour altogether. Olive oil is also a great choice for pan frying and saltine ingredients that are naturally gluten-free, including meats and vegetables. It also makes a fantastic dressing for salad.

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Making the initial transition to cooking gluten-free can be tough if gluten was formerly a huge part of your diet. However, there are more gluten-free options now than ever, which makes it easy to cook delicious recipes that are still satisfying. You might also be surprised to discover how many of your pantry staples, including olive oil, are actually gluten-free. Cooking with high-quality, flavorful ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil will ensure that your food tastes good despite the lack of gluten and help you to enjoy your meal and feel full afterwards.

At Brightland, we sell high-quality olive oil that is always gluten-free. If you have questions about a specific product, feel free to reach out to our team and we will be happy to help you. Start shopping today and see which olive oils appeal to you.