Olive Oil for Hair Growth: What You Need to Know

Many beauty blogs claim that different types of oil, including olive oil, can encourage hair growth and it can be tough to determine if these claims are legitimate or just more DIY hype. Read on to discover the truth about olive oil and hair growth.

Does Olive Oil Encourage Hair Growth?
Unfortunately, we do not have a lot of research yet on the effects of olive oil on hair growth. There was one 2015 study that looked at other ingredients derived from the olive tree, though not specific to olive oil. In that study, the researchers did find that the ingredients encouraged hair growth in mice. However, we do not yet know if these results extend to humans or anything else derived from all the trees, including olive oil.

However, there is a theory that ingesting items high in healthy fats, such as omega-3 acids which include olive oil, could help stimulate hair growth. Our body needs these fatty acids but cannot produce it on its own, which is why it is so important to get them from consuming ingredients such as olive oil. We look forward to more research, thanks to the link between olive oil and hair growth!


Other Benefits of Olive Oil for Hair
Since it is unclear how olive oil might affect hair growth, you might be wondering if it is still worth it to put on your hair. The answer is yes. Olive oil has many benefits for hair beyond simply making it grow faster.

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First of all, olive oil can give the appearance of longer, thicker, healthier hair in an instant. Olive oil immediately gives hair a healthy shine that reflects the light and makes it look longer and fuller. Olive oil also helps seal and moisturize your strands, which keeps hair hydrated and protects against breakage. Because olive oil has a thicker consistency, it is best applied as the last step in your hair care routine — after applying thinner, water-based products first. The oil locks in that moisture and keeps it from seeping into the air.

If your hair is very dry or coarse, you might experience a lot of friction that can contribute to breakage. Treating your hair with olive oil allows the strands to glide over each other easily, reducing friction and irritation to the hair cuticle. You can even apply olive oil before shampooing if you find that scrubbing your scalp tends to break your hair strands.

Finally, extra virgin olive oil itself contains healthy compounds that are beneficial for the hair and promote hair health. It contains high levels of antioxidants and vitamins E and K to fight against free radical damage that can increase signs of aging. Regularly using olive oil on your hair can keep it looking healthy for many years to come. (Learn more about why olive oil is good for your hair.)

Other Tips for Stimulating Hair Growth
If you are looking to encourage faster hair growth, there are several different things you can do. One of the most important is limiting damage to your hair. This means being extra careful when you brush it and also avoiding the heat styling, such as hair dryers and straightening or curling irons. Try to avoid over-shampooing, and consider replacing some of your shampoo days with a conditioning wash to stop drying out your scalp. Trimming your split ends regularly also helps keep the breakage from working its way up the shaft and shortening your hair. If your hair gets tangled at night, sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase with a smooth surface can help cut down on that.

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If you are really concerned with slow hair growth or hair loss, you should see a dermatologist. They will be able to help you determine the causes that are contributing to your hair situation and help you come up with a plan to treat it.

When you are ready to incorporate olive oil into your hair routine, we recommend using a high-quality extra virgin olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil has gone through minimal processing that contains the highest amounts of the beneficial compounds present in olive fruits. You will see much better results and have better looking hair if you use extra virgin olive oil.

At Brightland, we grow all of our olives locally in California so we can oversee the harvesting and bottling of all of our products. We offer a number of olive oils that are great to use on your hair and skin as well as in your cooking. Our olive oil comes in opaque glass packaging that protects against UV rays and damage. Shop our olive oil selection today and transform your hair care routine!